Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Knife Hand

Maybe it's because I secretly wish I was an assassin, or a ninja, but I tend to come up behind my friends and fake stab them. It's a token of love, and if you've gotten stabbed more than once, I love you. Truly. I think, however, I should start expanding it to people everywhere. The elderly. Because I love them so. And hey, some might have 'nam-like flashbacks. It's good to remember.
Regular Joe's. Bus stop's just wont feel the same without a random woman fake stabbing you.
Husky people. Because, it isn't awkward at all digging into someone else's love handles.
And of course, animals. Because through domestication, they just don't have enough enemies. They need to start being on top of their game.
It seems like a legit idea. No?

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