Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sketch Dump Part Tres

Here are some sketches from my Animal Anatomy field trip to the Page Museum. They had a friggin MAMMOTH!!!! It made kid Alex nerd out. I had never seen anything older than a turtle at a zoo so this was just mind boggling. And everything during the Ice Age was huuuuge so it was extra-awesome. (THERE WERE CAMELS IN THE US!?!?)

Here are some sketches from my Story class. We had to do a short sequence with the old woman and small dragon from How To Train your Dragon. Rad Sechrist is our teacher and he was stressing how much faster you are if you actually warm up. VERY true. I've been warming up before I try to do a comic or storyboards and I'm so much faster that I would be if I just tried to go at it.

so here are some warm ups for the HTTYD sequence!

I also moved this weekend. So I collected a lot of sketches watching the movers lift super heavy things. Only 3 that I like however. and the rest are just gestures I've collected through the weekend.

And here are some gestures of animals. They're cute!

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