Sunday, June 19, 2011

Class Homework

We were supposed to take the character we had come up with (mine is a girl in a world that is extraordinary and she is completely ordinary) and make up some beats we would like to see in a movie/comic/show of it and draw it out.

So for the first beat I thought it would be cool to do a kind of introduction or set up. I was watching this chunk from Tootsie (Skip to about 00:32 in) and thought it would be cool to take that and show the people in her world.


My Take:

For the second scene I thought it would be cool to have her as a kid and learning that she isn't different at all. Kind of like an intervention, but with her parents and school principal.

My Take:

I was kind of inspired by the "FOREVER" scene in The Sandlot for that one. But... less threatening and more disheartening.


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